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When thinking back on our college years we naturally have many fond memories about that time period of our lives. And when we think about the college itself, we carry a sense of pride about where we chose to attend. It's like a small piece of who we are.

So we find different ways to tell people what college or university we attended. There are the more conventional ways, such as hats and t-shirts. Then we branch out to license plate frames and flags outside our homes. But there is another easy, perhaps often overlooked, way to express our pride in the school we are attending or graduated from. We're talking about college checks!

It's true that when it comes to personal checks we may not have given a second thought to the various check designs that are out there. But when you think about it, college and university personal checks are a powerful way to tell others a little bit about ourselves by showing off our alma mater. Current students and past graduates can both display their college years with pride using the variety of university and college check designs that are available.

You have the choice of two main different categories of College and University checks. The most popular line of college checks is the #1 Fan line, which is geared towards college sporting teams and events. The second category of college checks simply has the name of the college listed as well as their corresponding logo and/or mascot.

There are check designs for dozens of major colleges and universities located within the USA. In all likelihood, you will find your school's logo or even the team sport you once played for or currently played for. With nearly 90 different designs to choose from, representing over 40 different schools, it may take some time to find the check that reflects your education as well as your passions during your schooling years, but believe us it is there!

It's natural to talk about (ok, brag about) our college years and how great our school was. And these university checks are a great way to do just that. But, if college personal checks just doesn't give you the ammo you need, you can also check out various accessories, such as stickers, address labels and a matching leather checkbook cover.

What's even better about these college personal checks is that you can get them really cheap! You don't need a college degree to know that cheaper is better. In fact, you can usually save about half of what it costs to order checks through your bank. So it's really a win-win: you get awesome checks showcasing your college, plus you save money. You can also save even more if you utilize different online coupon codes that are available to first-time customers.

Don't delay any longer! Order your college and university checks online soon. Show off your college pride with college checks today.


Click here to browse our complete line of college checks and university checks.


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